Beach House

Location:         Norfolk, UK
Programme:   Residential
Cost:                 Confidential
Status:             On-going
Client:              Private
Other Studio Architects have been appointed to design a single storey new-build family home in the coastal town of Sheringham, North Norfolk. The project replaces an existing poor condition single story bungalow which currently occupies the site.

The proposal looks to retain single-story future-proof living, creating interlocking 'public and private' spaces for both entertainment and for the family. Material wise, the same simple pallet has been used both inside and out: bleached timber cladding and concrete with pale timber uniform width windows, creating a gallery sense within the spaces. At the heart of the project is a story and a half living space and central concrete fire place.

Design Development

Top - Image 1:    
North facing driveway approach

Top - Image 2:    
South facing private garden, looking towards the 1.5 storey living space.

Main living space

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