The Low Line

Location:         London, UK
Programme:   Public Realm
Cost:                 Confidential
Client:              The Lown Line
Status:             Competition

Countryside Miles conceives the Low Line as a piece of continuous countryside weaving its way along the base of the Victorian viaducts, taking reference from pre-industrial times when the structure formed a grand rhythm of arches running through the farmlands and the marshes of what we now know as South East London.

The proposal applies a ‘tool-kit’ of both landscaped spaces and public realm interventions. Each tool is designed for certain site specific conditions and situations found along the route, responding directly to the local area and community, with each mitigating the effects of climate change and offering resilience to rising temperatures and flash flooding, through planting, permeable paving and flood-able squares.

The tools proposed are broken down into two main categories, those for the streets and those for spaces.

In collaboration with SG/A.