Randall’s Folly

High Tide / Low Tide

Location:         Cley-next-the-Sea, North Norfolk
Programme:   Installation
Cost:                 £10,000
Status:             Completed
Client:              North Norfolk Exhibition Projects

The project aims to remember the tragic storm and sea-surge of the 31st January 1953. Our work hopes to serve as a reminder of the seas dominant power over man by reflecting on the absence of Randall’s Folly. A whimsical building, built on the beach at the Great Eye, Salthouse. The folly was left badly damaged following the flood.

For the first part of the project we are proposing to build a permanent memorial bench on the mid point between high tide and low tide which will focus the occupants views on the folly-less Great Eye, drawing attention to its absence. The Cley 2013 exhibition will form the first round of community consultation for the project

The second part of the project will be a theoretical proposal for the reconstruction of Randall’s Folly to commemmorate the centenary of the flood in 2053.
A Thatcher&Brown Project.

The Great Flood and the Re-Building of Randall’s Folly