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The Other Studio provides a complete suite of architectural services,  starting with the development of a client’s brief and an initial concept design, through to planning and building control applications, and tendering, construction and contract management. We work through these stages as set out by the RIBA Plan of Work, which can be found here.

We are usually appointed to undertake full architectural services which includes the design, procurement and construction stages, ensuring the project has design continuity and is delivered to a high standard. However we also undertake work at individual stages in order to suit our clients particular requirements and budgets.

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A Step by Step Guide to Our Services

Starting any project can be daunting, as a practice we take great care in explaining the process and making it accessible as possible, we’ve outlined the key steps in the process below.

Initial Project Enquiry

As part of your initial enquiry we will begin by discussing the project with you via telephone, and, if you are unfamiliar with working with an architect we will introduce you to the process before moving Stage 1.

From your initial enquiry we will always look at ways we can use our expertise and skills as architects to add both quality and value to a project.  

The advantages of appointing an architect are explained by the RIBA for both domestic clients and commercial clients, these can be found here.

1. Appointment and Brief Development

(RIBA Stage 0 Strategic Definition and RIBA Stage 1 Preparation and Briefing)

Within this stage we will confirm our appointment to you using the RIBA forms of appointment and we will agree with you our fees and terms and conditions. We will discuss your particular requirements including; your budget, timescales and initial thoughts, ensuring we fully understand your brief. Following this, we will visit the site and if appropriate, carry out a simple visual survey or, with your agreement, arrange for a full line and level survey to be carried out. Stages 0 and 1 provide the opportunity for us to discuss ideas with you, prior to committing ideas to paper.

2. Concept Design

(RIBA Stage 2 Concept Design)

We will prepare Concept Design drawings based on the developed brief established in RIBA Stage 1. We will email our concept drawings to you prior to meeting with you again to discuss your observations. It is at this stage that we would discuss planning tactics and, if required, submit the concept design proposals for pre-application advice with your local authority. As with all stages of work, we will always ask for your sign off. We will not move on to the next stage of work without your approval.

3. Planning Application

(RIBA Stage 3 Spatial Coordination)

Following your sign-off of our Concept Design, we will develop the drawings into a full set of planning drawings and prepare associated documents in order to apply to the Council or Local Authority for Planning Approval or Permitted Development sign off. If your building is listed and/or located in a Conservation Area, this will include making associated applications. At this stage we might require input from other consultants, such as a structural engineer.

4. Building Control Information

(RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design)

Following a successful planning outcome, we will produce a set of technical drawings. This may require the input of other consultants, including a structural engineer, party wall surveyor and possibly a building services engineer. The technical drawings will show how the building is to be constructed, including how it will comply with the Building Regulations, including access requirements, fire safety and thermal efficiency. Once you have signed-off the Technical Design, we will submit this for Building Regulations Approval to either the Local Authority’s Building Control Department, or to an Approved Building Control Inspector. 

Technical Information for Pricing  

(RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design)

This stage entails the production of information necessary to explain to a building contractor, the scope of the construction works to enable them to price and build the project. The Technical Information includes drawings, documents and schedules together with a detailed and itemised specification and scope of works document. A fully co-ordinated and collated set of information prior to the commencement of works ensures the best quality is achieved.

The additional service we can offer at this stage includes detailed interior design drawings for kitchen and bathrooms and bespoke interior architectural designs for joinery and furniture.

Tender / Pricing

(RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design)

At the start of the Tender stage we will invite the selected building contractors to tender for the work. Following receipt of the tenders we will analyse them and assist in selecting the most suitable contractor for your project.

Prior to inviting Tenders, we will advise you on the most suitable form of contract for the construction works and assist you in completing the contract paperwork to be signed by yourself and your building contractor. A clear and comprehensive building contract is crucial in giving you peace of mind during the construction process.

5. Construction

(RIBA Stage 5 Construction)

As part of our role as architects during the construction phase we will maintain regular contact with the builder. We will deal with any questions or queries which might arise and will provide the contractor with additional information as necessary.

Contact Management

(RIBA Stage 5 Construction)

Usually, we act as Contract Administrators, regularly visiting site to inspect the work and ensure that it is to the quality stipulated in the Contract Documents. At agreed times we will value the works that have been completed and issue interim payment certificates, and will check the invoices submitted to you by the contractor. If we identify any work which is either incorrect or defective, the Contract empowers us to issue Architects Instructions to the contractor to rectify this, at no cost or delay to the you.

6. Completion

(RIBA Stage 6 Handover and RIBA Stage 7 Use)

Upon completion we will issue to the contractor the necessary information for the contractor to produce the Operations and Maintenance Manual (O&M). If appointed as Contract Administrator we will certify when Practical Completion is achieved by carrying out a detailed inspection, and where required we will instruct the contractor to address any defects and other matters that are not in accordance with the Contract. Once these have been resolved we will we issue the Practical Completion certificate. Following the issue of this you can occupy your new building, we will continue to be available to carry out further inspections and if required to instruct the contractor to return and rectify any defects arising. We will issue the Final  Certificate at the end of the defects liability period once we have carried out our final inspection.

If you would like to enquire about any of our services, please contact the studio by emailing:


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