Disruptive Theatre

Disruptive Theatre was a site specific installation commissioned by the London Newcastle Project Space. The installation allowed visitors to explore and inhabit a series of exploded picture planes.

The installation's design was focused on creating a system with three disruptive elements; disrupt behaviour, disrupt perception, disrupt[ed] imagery.

Upon entry to the installation at two key pinch points visitors could interact with cameras, the images of which were processed and projected on to a series of picture planes.

These picture planes were dissected vertically and arranged at varying points on the y axis allowing visitors to enter, become part of and interact with the spatialised image. Through this installation looked to alter key paths through the space. It is along these paths that it is possible to glimpse a 2d projection of ones self on the exploded planes.

At the point where the two projections intersected an alternate and hybrid image in the third dimension was revealed.

Title: Disruptive Theatre
Location: London
Year: 2011
Type: Arts
Client: London/Newcastle Project Space
Status: Complete

In collaboration with Ben Gough and Heechan Park (Studio Heech)