Other Studio Architects is an architecture and design practice based in South London and North Norfolk.

The practice works across the UK to create unique and sustainable spaces for living, playing, working and learning. Our projects vary in nature and scope from creating homes for families, to helping communities realise a vision, to exhibition design and the arts.

As a studio we seek to create environmentally positive and flexible future proof work which is rooted in the lives of those who are inhabiting our spaces and the communities in which they are located.

We believe strongly in the accessibility of well designed architecture and champion wider access into the architectural profession. You can read about our Ground Up! initiative here

Teaching forms a central part of the practice, helping to promote accessibility and creating a space for exploration and ideas.

Other Studio Architects is an RIBA Chartered Practice and is a supporter of Open City.

Find our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy here and our Environmental, Social and Goverance Policy here.


Elena Thatcher is an RIBA Chartered Architect. With over 15 years experience, she has designed, built and exhibited work using a variety of methods and media, from traditional to contemporary construction techniques, through to digitally programmed and interactive spatial installations. Prior to setting up the practice in 2019, Elena worked at a number of award winning offices including as an Associate Director at Hampson Williams.

Alongside practicing, Elena teaches first year undergraduate architectural design as an Assistant Professor at The University of Nottingham, and has been a member of the jury panel for the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. Elena is a passionate advocate of the accessibility of architecture and creating a built environment designed and informed by all, she has volunteered as part of the RIBA Architecture Ambassadors Programme and continues to run her own architecture workshops for children in Primary Schools. As well as heading up Other Studio Architects, Elena is one third of the architecture and theatre design collective erm.


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