Coastal Lookout I

Other Studio Architects were approached to redesign the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) lookout post located on the North Norfolk coast. The site sits within the Historic Holkham Estate and is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). The proposals were to replacing the existing run-down lookout facilities, creating more room for a visitor focused operation.

The project design was an openable timber clad box, with timber shutters creating shading to minimise reflections during operational hours and protection against the elements in extreme weather events. The shutters also acted as security at night for equipment in the remote location.

The proposal created a completely removable timber box, on a steel frame sat on ground screws allowing relocation if required and navigating the the charities non-ownership of permanent buildings and the issues with the short term lease agreement with the Holkham Estate.

The timber cladding was to be locally sourced and pre-silvered to blend with the existing silver gabion bank. Internally a durable plywood interior was proposed.

Title: Lookout I
Location: North Norfolk
Year: 2018
Type: Community
Client: National Coast Watch Institution
Status: Complete